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The End of Snoresville
Ok this is my entry for the Carnage contest.

In it DInk is so bored he decides to destroy the town he was the nearest to.

Hits: 1533

Enter the Dead Dragon Carcass
The Dead Dragon Carcass demands sacrifice!
As a special member of the Dead Dragon Carcass cult it is your duty to provide the many human sacrifices needed to perform a certain ritual.
A nearby village in the mountains should provide you with all you need.
Although the village is very well protected by guards, no one should live to tell the tale when confronted with your powers!

This D-Mod has been created for the Carnage Contest.

Hits: 2623

Knight Soup
Dink gets mistaken for Milder in this bloodfest-of-an-adventure produced for the CARNAGE CONTEST of 2011!!

Hits: 1685

Power of Blood
A\\\\\\\'ight, here it is. My entry into the grand Carnage Contest 2011!

Taking place shortly after the events of the original game, Dink goes on a brief holiday to get away from his adoring fans. However, shortly after he arrives, the Cast turn up and spoil the fun (Read: Kill everyone in sight and burn their houses). So, ever the hero, Dink visits an ancient temple to see if he can find a way to defeat the Cast once more...

Hopefully you\\\\\\\'ll enjoy it. It\\\\\\\'s around 50 minutes long (unless you\\\\\\\'re not-so-good at Dink games), but if you want to get all the unlockable stuff then that\\\\\\\'ll add 10-20 minutes more game-time.

If you find any bugs, feel free to PM them to me here at the Dink Network.

Hits: 1708

The Blacksmith's Trail
In the wake of the disappearance of a magical artifact, strange things has begun to occur in the land. Rumors tell that the sinister wizard Odium Interitus has returned. The population of the town of Foulstone has gone utter insane, and worse, a fierce monstrosity has been sighted in the town outskirts. 

- The time for heroes is now.

Hits: 1699

Dink Smallwood HD
Ecco qui il nuovissimo Dink Smallwood HD nella sua versione più recente.

Hits: 664

Where\'s Likko?
Help Mikka find her friend Likko, who has gone mysteriously missing!
Created for the Non-Combat D-Mod Contest - 2010

Hits: 472

The River
Here is the DMOD.DIZ intro line:

\"Dink has decided to settle down to the countryside with his latest catch of the weekend, Nina. Facing a sudden desperate need for money, he then goes to search for a treasure rumored to lie at the end of a river...\"


Hits: 518

The Day after the Middle Night
The Day after the Middle Night is the long awaited sequel for Hotel of the Middle Night. The sequel answers the questions that are most wondered, but creates even bigger questions. Play as Chris, Tony Jacobs and Rose Jacobs and experience the sequel to the most horrific D-Mod in history.


Read the readme.txt for more information.

Hits: 399

While planting his summer vegetables, Dink overhears two Boncas discussing the fate of the towns pets. There has never been pets in any of Dinks adventures so the boncas must be getting close to completing their plan. What evil scheme must Dink thwart this time. Can he do anything to prevent pets disappearing from his world forever or is their fate already sealed? What about his beloved cat Furball, Dink better get home fast. 

Hits: 432
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Ultime news

Risultati Carnage Contest 2011

Dopo tre mesi di attesa finalmente ecco i D-Mod partecipanti (con relativi download) e i risultati del Carnage Contest 2011!

  1. The Blacksmith's Trail
  2. Power of Blood
  3. Knight Soup
  4. Enter the Dead Dragon Carcass
  5. The End of Snoresville


PS: Per via di alcuni problemi con il precedente template, si è deciso di recuperare per qualche tempo quello originale. Si tratta comunque di una soluzione momentanea nell'attesa che vengano risolti i problemi con il vecchio template. Vi chiedo scusa per qualsiasi eventuale disagio. Grazie!


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