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Dink Smallwood v1.08 per Windows

La versione completa in inglese di Dink Smallwood. Include, oltre al gioco originale, tutti gli strumenti necessari per la creazione di nuove avventure e un pratico front-end per poter giocare avventure scritte dagli altri senza dover accedere alla riga di comando.

Versione per Windows.

Hits: 650

Codice sorgente
Il codice sorgente di Dink Smallwood versione 1.08 scritto in C++.

Hits: 331

Immagini del gioco
Tutti gli sprite e le immagini del gioco in un unico pacchetto. Utile per chi vuole cimentarsi nella creazione di nuovi DMOD con nuove immagini.

Hits: 358

Mystery Island: sorgente
I file sorgente del DMOD ufficiale Mystery Island.

Hits: 383

Mystery Island: immagini
Gli sprite e le immagini del DMOD ufficiale Mystery Island.

Hits: 341

Magical Mayhem
Grab a friend and unleash magical mayhem upon each other in the arena!

Hits: 288

Hotel of the Middle Night
1.The Ritual has started... the longest ritual in the history of us...
2.But what is the meaning of this ritual? We, humans, know so little...
3.But is there someone who is wiser than us? Someone who could say:
\\\'\\\'Who is the one to stay, and who is the one to leave? Only one thing
can decide that. You can hear it\\\'s voice when you die.... Middle Night\\\'\\\'

- The Book of Dark Phoenix Chapter 5

The first part in the Middle Night trilogy...
So far released Middle Nights:

- The Hotel of the Middle Night

During an adventure Dink finds a hotel to sleep at.

But when the night falls, Dink notices, that the adventure isn\\\'t the only thing to worry about.

Hits: 414

The Kingdom of Chaos (I)
This is the final update for this DMOD which is designed for the Ris to Power contest. Please this is the latest submission so please consider this one for the contest and discard the other 2 (Versions 1.00 submitted on July 20th, and 1.01 submitted on August 19th) .

Upload date: Wednesday 20/08/2008.
Version: 1.02

1) Fairy in Martridge\'s cottage disappears sometimes, but talking to it still works.
2) Final boss does not follow Dink to attack him, so that makes the game a lot easier.

If you have any questions or you\'re stuck somewhere, please contact me asap on the email [email protected] so that you are not delayed with the ranking of this DMOD for the contest\'s results. Thanks for all your help, and sorry for any inconvenience I\'ve caused you all.

Hits: 268

The Lumbergh Legacy
\"The patriarch of the Lumbergh family has perished and the family estate
falls into wrong hands. Plagued by the new owner and family father,
the young boy John Lumbergh seeks justice as the rightful owner of the
once so powerful family estate.

Hits: 304

Attack of the Goblins (The)
Oh my, not again!

They\'re attacking.

Just simple.

Hits: 368
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Dopo tre mesi di attesa finalmente ecco i D-Mod partecipanti (con relativi download) e i risultati del Carnage Contest 2011!

  1. The Blacksmith's Trail
  2. Power of Blood
  3. Knight Soup
  4. Enter the Dead Dragon Carcass
  5. The End of Snoresville


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